For purposes of the Maintenance Code, the following terms and words shall have, throughout this Chapter, the meaning given herein:
   (a)   BUILDING CODE:  The most current edition of the Ohio Basic Building Code, or such other code as may be officially designated by the Geauga County Commissioners for the regulation of construction, alteration, addition, repair, removal, demolition, use, location, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings and structures in Geauga County, Ohio.
   (b)   DETERIORATION:  The condition or appearance of a building or part thereof, characterized by holes, breaks, rot, crumbling, cracking, peeling, rusting or other evidence of physical decay, neglect or lack of maintenance.
   (c)   DWELLING:  Any structure designed for use by human occupants for sleeping and living purposes, whether occupied or vacant.
   (d)   EXPOSED TO PUBLIC VIEW:  Any premises, or any part thereof, or any building or any part thereof, which may be lawfully viewed by the public from a sidewalk, street, alleyway, open air parking lot or from any adjoining or neighboring premises. 
   (e)   EXTERIOR PROPERTY AREAS:  Those portions of a building which are exposed to public view and the open space of any premises outside of any building erected thereon. 
   (f)   JUNK OR INOPERABLE VEHICLE:  A vehicle, including but not limited to cars, trucks, buses, trailers and boats, shall be deemed a junk or inoperable vehicle whenever any of the following occur:
      (1)   The vehicle is without a valid current registration and/or license plate;
      (2)   The vehicle is apparently inoperable;
      (3)   The vehicle is without fully inflated tires and/or has any type of support under it;
      (4)   The vehicle has a substantially damaged or missing window, windshield, door, motor, transmission or other similar major part.
   (g)   NUISANCE:
      (1)   Any public nuisance known in equity jurisprudence, or as provided by the statutes of Ohio or the ordinances of the Municipality;
      (2)   Conditions dangerous to human life or detrimental to health of persons on or near the premises where the conditions exist and where the condition is made perilous by active or negligent operation thereof;
      (3)   Unsanitary conditions or anything offensive to the senses or dangerous to health; and
      (4)   Fire hazards.
   (h)   OWNER:  The owner of the premises including the holder of title thereto, the holder of title subject to a contract of purchase, a vendee in possession, a mortgagee or receiver in possession, a lessee or joint lessees of the whole thereof or any agent or any other person, firm, corporation or fiduciary directly in control of the premises. 
   (i)   PREMISES:  A lot, plot or parcel of land including the buildings or structures thereon.
   (j)   STRUCTURE:  A combination of any materials, fixed or portable, forming a construction.
   (k)   WEATHERING:  Deterioration, decay or damage caused by exposure to the elements.  (Ord. 08-117.  Passed 9-4-08.)