(a)    The Life Safety Code shall be enforced by the Bureau of Fire Protection, which is hereby established as part of the Fire Department. The Bureau shall be operated under the supervision of the Fire Prevention Officer.
   (b)    The Fire Prevention Officer shall be appointed by the Mayor. His appointment shall be for a term of two years and he shall not be removed from office except for just cause.
   (c)    The Fire Prevention Officer may detail such members of the Fire Department as inspectors as shall from time to time be necessary. The Fire Prevention Officer shall recommend to the Mayor the employment of technical inspectors, who, when such recommendation is made, shall be selected through an examination to determine the fitness for such positions. The examination shall be open to members and nonmembers of the Fire Department. Appointments shall be made after examination and shall be for a one year term with removal only for just cause.
   (d)    A report of the Bureau of Fire Protection shall be made annually and transmitted to the Mayor. The report shall contain all proceedings under the Life Safety Code, with such statistics as the Fire Prevention Officer may wish to include therein. The Fire Prevention Officer shall also recommend any amendments to the Code which, in his judgment, are desirable.
(Ord. 578. Passed 12-4-78.)