123.01 POSTING
   (a)    In compliance with Section 731.21 of the Revised Code, a summary of all ordinances and resolutions, and all statements, orders, proclamations, notices and reports required by Ohio R.C. 731.25 to be published, shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Village, as determined by Council.
   (b)   The Fiscal Officer is hereby directed to cause such publication to be made and to retain a record of the affidavits of the newspaper’s proprietor, as provided by Section 731.21(a). After publication has occurred for the required period, the Fiscal Officer shall make a certificate as to such publication, as required by Section 731.24, certifying in what newspaper and on what dates the publication occurred.
   (c)   The publication required by subsection (a) hereof shall not be construed as limiting the public places in which posting for publication may be made, and the Fiscal Officer shall post a copy of the complete text of all such legislation and other statements at Village Hall and on the Village’s website and at any such other locations which Council designates.
(Ord. 17-108. Passed 5-11-17.)