(a)   No person shall serve as Municipal Fire Safety Inspector unless he has received a certificate issued by the State Board of Emergency Medical Services under former Ohio R.C. 3303.07 or 4765.55 evidencing his satisfactory completion of a fire safety inspection training program.
(ORC 3737.34)
   (b)   For Municipal criminal proceedings, the complaint, warrant or summons, or the issuance of a citation in minor misdemeanor cases shall be, as is prescribed in the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure, by referencing the numerical designation of the applicable Municipal ordinance, including the specific provision of the Ohio Fire Code, or any order issued pursuant thereto, provided such order fixes a reasonable time for abatement of the violation. State enforcement proceedings for violation of Ohio R.C. Chapter 3737 or the Ohio Fire Code shall be as is prescribed in Ohio R.C. 3737.41 to 3737.46.
   (c)   A copy of such complaint or citation shall be prominently posted at or near each place a violation referred to occurs.
   (d)   Upon request of the Municipal Fire Safety Inspector, the Municipal Legal Officer shall institute and prosecute any necessary action or proceeding to enforce this chapter or Ohio R.C. Chapter 3737.