1155.04  REAR YARDS.
   (a)    Where a lot abuts upon any street, service street, or alley, the rear yard shall be measured from the right-of-way line of the existing street, service street, or alley.
(Ord. 85-107. Passed 3-4-85.)
   (b)    An accessory building, not exceeding fifteen (15) feet in height, may occupy not more than thirty (30) percent of the area of a required rear yard and unenclosed parking spaces may occupy not more than sixty (60) percent of the area of a required rear yard. No accessory building shall be closer than ten (10) feet to an existing main building be erected or located closer than four (4) feet to any rear lot line.
(Ord. 96-158. Passed 11-21-96.)
   (c)    Cornices, canopies, eaves, pilasters, sills, or other architectural features may project into any rear yard a distance not exceeding three (3) feet.
   (d)    Open or lattice-enclosed fire escapes, outside stairways and balconies opening upon fire towers and the ordinary projections of chimneys and flues into a rear yard may project into any rear yard for a distance not to exceed five (5) feet when these are so placed as not to obstruct light and ventilation.
   (e)    A wall or fence not over four (4) feet high may be erected in any rear yard. If the wall is a retaining wall, the height shall be measured on the highest (fill) side. (No fence, trees, or foliage shall be maintained so as to obstruct the view of a driver of a vehicle as provided in Section 1155.08.) 
(Ord. 86-134.  Passed 3-2-87.)
   (f)    An open uncovered porch, paved terrace, patio, or other similar outdoor living area which is an integral part of the dwelling may project into the required rear yard provided rear yard is not reduced to less than 20 feet as a result of the projection.
(Ord. 99-123.  Passed 8-5-99.)