1155.03  SIDE YARDS.
   (a)    The side yard width shall be measured from the nearest side lot line and, in the case the nearest side lot line is a side street lot line, from the right-of-way line of the existing street provided there is a minimum right-of-way of sixty (60) feet. In the case where the right- of-way is less than sixty (60) feet, the side yard width shall be measured from a point thirty (30) feet from the centerline of the street.
   (b)    No accessory building shall project into a required side yard abutting on a street or be closer than eight (8) feet to any side lot line of an interior lot.
   (c)    A wall or fence not over four (4) feet high may be erected in any side yard. If the wall is a retaining wall, the height shall be measured on the highest (fill) side. No fence, trees, or foliage shall be maintained on a lot that will materially obstruct the view of a driver of a vehicle as provided in Section 1155.08.
   (d)    Cornices, canopies, eaves, pilasters, sills, or other architectural features may project into any yard or court a distance not exceeding three (3) feet.
   (e)    For the purpose of the side yard regulations, a two-family or multi-family dwelling shall be considered as one building occupying one lot.
   (f)    An owner of a dwelling erected prior to the effective date of this Zoning Ordinance (April 3, 1985) shall be permitted to enlarge or structurally alter such dwelling to provide additional enclosed space for living or garage purposes. However, no side yard shall be reduced to less than eight (8) feet. 
(Ord. 91-114.  Passed 5-6-91.)
   (g)    An open, uncovered porch, paved terrace, patio, or other similar outdoor living area which is an integral part of the dwelling may project into the required side yard provided said side yard is not reduced to less than eight (8) feet as a result of the projection.
(Ord. 99-123.  Passed 8-5-99.)
   (h)    In all zoning districts, where a driveway is placed near a property line, in addition to the other requirements of this section there shall be a minimum side yard of four feet between the property line and the nearest edge of the driveway.
(Ord. 95-111. Passed 4-3-95.)