1155.02 FRONT YARDS.
   (a)    The front yard depth shall be measured from the right-of-way line of the existing street on which the lot fronts provided there is a minimum right-of-way of sixty (60) feet. In the case where the right-of-way is less than (60) feet, the front yard depth shall be measured from a point thirty (30) feet from the centerline of the street.
   (b)    In any R-District where a block has fifty (50) percent of the lot frontage on one side of the street improved with buildings, and the average depth of the front yards of said existing buildings along the entire block front, excluding corner lots, is less than the front yard depth prescribed elsewhere in this Ordinance, the required depth of the front yards shall be modified, provided, however, there are two (2) or more front yards of existing buildings involved. In such cases, the required front yard in question shall be the average depth of existing front yards provided, further, that said front yard shall  be at least twenty (20) feet.
   (c)    Lots having frontage on more than one street shall provide the required front yard along the major traveled street  and meet two-thirds of the setback requirement on the other street.
   (d)    A wall or fence not over four (4) feet high may be erected in any front yard. If the wall is a retaining wall, the height shall be measured on the highest (fill) side. No fence, trees, or foliage shall be maintained on a lot that will materially obstruct the view of a driver of a vehicle as provided in Section 1155.08
(Ord. 86-134.  Passed 3-2-87.)
   (e)    An open, uncovered porch or paved terrace patio or other similar outdoor living area which is an integral part of the dwelling, may project into a required front yard for a distance of not more than ten (10) feet, but this shall not be interpreted to include or permit fixed canopies. 
(Ord. 99-123.  Passed 8-5-99.)
   (f)    Filling station pumps and pump islands may be located within a required yard, provided they are not less than twenty (20) feet from any street line and not less than fifty (50)  feet from the boundary of any residential district.
   (g)    Off-street parking or loading facilities may be located within the required front yard of any GC, CB or I District, but shall not be nearer than fifty (50) feet to any district where residences are permitted. No off-street parking shall be permitted in the required front yard of any "R" District.
(Ord. 85-107. Passed 3-4-85.)
   (h)    Off-street parking may not be located within the required side or front yard in any Industrial Office District. However, the Planning and Zoning Commission may grant a variance from this provision, as long as the sixty feet of green area set back from the road right of way is adhered to, and appropriate mounds, hedges or other landscaping is provided so as to shield any cars from the view of the adjacent residential development, and it is found that front parking provides the best site plan with the least impact on the adjacent residential areas.
   Only one driveway per development shall be permitted and it shall be used for both ingress and egress. (See Section 1157.03(g).) The Planning and Zoning Commission may also require the applicants of adjacent I-O District developments to share a common driveway at an abutting boundary, and may also require an applicant to make provision for the dedication of land or easements for a marginal road or common driveway and curb cuts, and if this is required, appropriate joint easements containing provisions for maintenance shall be submitted together with the site plan. (Ord. 86-134. Passed 3-2-87.)