(a)   Petitions for variances and exceptions to the application of this chapter to a particular Development Project shall be made in accordance with the procedures established in Section 1113.03 of the Planning and Zoning Code.
   (b)   Any variance granted pursuant to this section shall, as an initial matter, be a temporary variance, granted for a two-year period only.
   (c)   Two years after the issuance of the temporary variance, the Village Administrator shall review the water used by the project during the preceding year in order to determine the accuracy of any representations made by the party requesting the variance, and the reasonableness and fairness of any variance granted.
   (d)   As soon as reasonably possible after the Village Administrator completes the water usage review, the Planning Commission shall reconsider the granting of the temporary variance, and shall determine whether to allow that variance to take effect permanently. The Planning Commission shall have the authority, at that time, to recommend a permanent variance, to modify the temporary variance and make that variance permanent, as modified, to grant a new temporary variance to be reviewed again in two years, or to deny a variance entirely.
   (e)   Any variance or exception whether temporary or permanent, shall not be valid unless and until approved by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the members of Village Council.
(Ord. 98-150. Passed 12-3-98.)