(a)    A record of each explosive event shall be kept by the Blaster, and a copy of such record shall be filed with the Village Administrator. The record shall include the following:
      (1)   Name of Blaster.
      (2)   Blast location.
      (3)   Date and time of blast.
      (4)   Number of holes, diameter of holes, depth of holes, spacings and burdens, delay intervals, total weight of explosives, maximum weight of explosives fired per day.
      (5)   Distance and direction to nearest structure neither owned nor leased by person, firm or corporation conducting blasting, except high tension lines and their supporting towers and appurtenances.
      (6)   Name and signature of firm or individual conducting blasting.
      (7)   Weather conditions.
   (b)   Such record shall be filed with the Village Administrator within twenty-four hours after each blasting event, or prior to the next explosive event if the same occurs prior
to the expiration of twenty-four hours.
(Ord. 01-110. Passed 8-16-01.)