(a)   Purpose and Scope.
      (1)   It is the purpose of this Chapter to provide minimum standards for safe practices in the use of explosive devices for construction blasting and related operations, including drilling and preparation for blasting.
      (2)   The regulations set forth in this Chapter shall apply to every construction project, including demolition, maintenance and repair where explosives are used for blasting purposes, mining and/or quarrying. Compliance with the requirements of this Chapter shall be mandatory for all such projects.
(Ord. 01-110. Passed 8-16-01.)
   (b)    General Provisions. Every person using explosive devices within the Municipality shall comply with the regulations established in this chapter and with all applicable State and Federal laws, including the Ohio regulations established for the use of explosives, as set forth at Section 1501:13-19-06 of the Ohio Administrative Code, as amended, which regulations are specifically incorporated herein. Where the requirements of OAC §1501:13-19-06 conflict with the requirements of this chapter, this chapter shall control.
(Ord. 02-118. Passed 5-16-02.)