(a)   The admission into public sewers of any wastes or waters having the following content shall be subject to the review and approval of the City Manager:
      (1)   A five-day B.O.D. greater than 250 parts per million by weight;
      (2)   More than 300 parts per million by weight of suspended solids;
      (3)   Any quantity of substances having the characteristics described in Section 1046.08; or
      (4)   An average daily flow greater than two percent of the average daily sewer flow of the City.
   (b)   Where necessary, in the opinion of the City Manager, the owner shall provide, at his or her expense, such preliminary treatment as may be necessary to:
      (1)   Reduce the B.O.D. to 250 parts per million and the suspended solids to 300 parts per million by weight;
      (2)   Reduce objectionable characteristics or constituents to within the maximum limits provided for in this section; or
      (3)   Control the quantities and rates of discharge of such waters and wastes.
   (c)   Plans, specifications and any other pertinent data relating to proposed preliminary treatment facilities shall be submitted to the City Manager for approval and also to the appropriate agency of the State of Ohio, and no construction of such facilities shall be commenced until such approvals are obtained in writing.
(Ord. 3668.  Passed 6-18-85.)