(a)   The tap-in fee for a sanitary sewer shall be based upon the size of the tap into the water main as follows:
      Tap Size (in.)               Inside City Fee   Outside City Fee
      1                   $  790.00      $  850.00
      1-1/2                  1,580.00      1,700.00
      2                  2,425.00      2,610.00
      3                  3,375.00      3,635.00
      4                  5,800.00      6,240.00
      6                  11,375.00      12,240.00
      8                  17,400.00      18,725.00
(Ord. 5281.  Passed 8-18-98.)
   (b)   Exceptions to the foregoing fee requirement are made for houses within the City or houses  included in annexation proceedings on record with the Montgomery County Commissioners prior to October 3, 1961. The tap-in fee for such houses shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00) and shall be credited to the Sanitary Sewer Capital Fund.  (Ord. 3668.  Passed 6-18-85.)
   (c)   An additional minimum assessment is hereby established for any installation tapped as part of the Sycamore Creek Sanitary Sewer Line Phase One Project, the Sycamore Creek Sanitary Sewer Line Phase Two Project and the Gebhalt Church Road Sanitary Sewer Line Project, for the actual costs thereof, pursuant to the amounts on file with the City Engineer. All other City sanitary sewer projects installed by the City prior to July 1, 1988, shall be charged an additional minimum assessment of five dollars and fifty cents ($5.50) per foot, upon application to tap the sewer line. The costs of such improvements have not been, nor will they be, assessed against the property under the provisions of Ohio R.C. Chapters 727 and 729.
(Ord. 4513.  Passed 12-17-91.)
   (d)   An additional minimum assessment shall be charged on all projects commencing subsequent to July 1, 1988, for any installation tapped into a part of the system installed by, or being installed by, the City, the cost of which has not been and will not be, assessed against the abutting property.
   The cost of this assessment shall be determined at the time the tap-in fee is paid, by using the following formula:
   COST   =   $27.50 x 4700 per front foot
   ENR    =   Construction cost index as published in the Engineering News Record (ENR).
(Ord. 4116.  Passed 9-20-88.)
   (e)   All sanitary sewer tap-in fees must be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit on new structures, and such tap-in fees shall be paid in cash within thirty days following receipt of the invoice on tap-ins made in conjunction with special assessment projects.
   (f)   There is hereby established a Sanitary Sewer Capital Fund to receive such tap-in fees and assessments, which Fund shall be held apart and separate from other City funds and shall be used only for capital sanitary sewer improvement expenditures or purposes.
(Ord. 3668.  Passed 6-18-85.)
   (g)   The term “assessments,” as used in this section, shall mean an additional charge and not an assessment pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapters 727 and 729.
(Ord. 4513.  Passed 12-17-91.)
   (h)   No person shall tap into any City sewer line to serve real property outside the corporate limits of the City.  This prohibition may be waived by the City Manager with the approval of Council for emergency health reasons or such other reasons as are deemed to be in the best interest of the City.
(Ord. 5281.  Passed 8-18-98.)