(a)   An exception to the rates set forth in Section 1042.04 shall be taken in special cases where industrial customers discharge into the City sanitary sewers an effluent of such character and strength that it causes special problems and increased cost in sewage treatment.  Included in this class, but not by way of limitation, are cattle, swine and poultry processing establishments, acid plants, canning plants and other food processing plants, plating, anodizing, coal processing and manufacturing plants, and the like.
   (b)   Such industrial customers and the City shall negotiate and enter into an agreement as to the rate to be charged such industrial customers for the treatment of their wastes. If no agreement can be reached as to the rate, then upon written notice from the City, such industries shall be required to provide their own waste treatment facilities in accordance with requirements of the State of Ohio.
(Ord. 3668.  Passed 6-18-85.)