These specifications were developed to ensure a quality banner for organizations that want to display a banner over the street and to reduce the liability accepted by the City in providing this service. The City reserves the right to refuse any banner that does not meet the requirements outlined below.
   (a)   Banners must be constructed of heavy cloth, canvas material or a minimum of 13-ounce vinyl.
   (b)   Banners must not be more than 36 inches in height and 15 feet in length.
   (c)   Banners must have a one-inch folded, double stitched hem around the entire banner.
   (d)   Banners must have at least six air holes or slots, each six inches in diameter.  The City will not cut air holes or slots into a banner.
   (e)   Banners must have snap hooks installed in every corner and along the top and bottom at three-foot intervals. The snap hooks must be a minimum of two inches in size.
   (f)   Banners less than 15 feet in length must have anchor ropes in each corner. The rope must be 5/16 inch in diameter and long enough to make up the difference in length of the banner to 15 feet. (Example: a ten-foot-long banner would need three feet of rope on each end to tie off at 15 feet.)
   (g)   Banners with wood attached to them will not be accepted.
   (h)   Banners considered by the City to be in poor condition will not be accepted. This would include but not limited to unnecessary tears in the material, missing eyelets and broken stitching.
   (i)   Without notice to the organization, the City may remove minor items deemed unnecessary or may add items to appropriately display a banner. (Example: removing or shortening ropes, adding snap hooks to reach tie-off points.)
   (j)   Except for City-sponsored events, the name and/or logo of the sponsoring organization must appear at the bottom the banner, in legible type.  The name and/or logo shall not comprise more than 15% of the banner area.
(Ord. 6216.  Passed 9-7-10.)