(a)   Written Notice of Violation.  The City Manager shall give written notice of violation to a provider if it is determined that a provider has: violated any material provision or requirement of the issuance or acceptance of a certificate of registration or any law of the City, State, or Federal government; or attempted to evade any provision or requirement of the issuance of a certificate of registration or the acceptance of it; or practiced any fraud or deceit upon the City; or made a material misrepresentation of fact in its application for a certificate of registration.
   (b)   Failure to Cure Violation.  If a provider fails to cure a violation within 60 calendar days after such notice is served by the City, then such violation shall be a material breach and the City may exercise any remedies or rights it has at law or in equity to terminate the certificate of registration. If the City Manager decides there is cause or reason to terminate, the following procedure shall be followed:
      (1)   City shall serve a provider with a written notice of the reason or cause for proposed termination and shall allow a provider a minimum of ten calendar days to cure its breach.
      (2)   If the provider fails to cure within ten calendar days, the City Manager may declare the certificate of registration terminated.
      (3)   The determination of the City Manager shall be final.
(Ord. 5472.  Passed 3-20-01.)