852.05 APPEALS.
   (a)   Any person who has applied for a license in accordance with this chapter and whose application is denied, may appeal such determination within fourteen days from the date stated on the denial notice provided by the City. The notice of appeal shall be submitted in writing to the City Manager within the foregoing period of time. Any person who fails to submit a written notice of appeal within the fourteen day period described herein will waive the right to appeal a determination that denied a license permitted under this chapter.
   (b)   Any person who perfects an appeal as provided under this section shall be entitled to a hearing before a three-person hearing board designated to review the denial of a license to engage in peddling and soliciting activities. The hearing board shall be composed of the Law Director and two members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, as named by the Board. A hearing will be scheduled upon receipt of a written notice of appeal at a time no sooner than ten days following the receipt of said notice. The City will advise the appellant in writing of the specific date and time scheduled for the hearing. The hearing board shall promptly issue a written decision following a hearing, which shall be served upon the appellant. The appellant will be granted a license unless all members of the hearing board concur that the denial was warranted.
(Ord. 6470. Passed 6-17-14.)