(a)   No person shall operate or maintain a junk or salvaged material yard or shop in the corporate limits of the City unless such business is carried on entirely inside a building or in an open area enclosed by a fence. Such fence shall be not less than seven feet in height, built of sound nontransparent material, uniform in height and so constructed that it is structurally safe, capable of resisting all live loads imposed on it and obscures the contents of the enclosure from the ordinary view of persons passing upon the streets, walks, alleys or travelways in the City. Licensees shall comply with the fencing requirements of this chapter on or before January 1, 1966.
(Ord. 1363. Passed 4-6-65.)
   (b)   Where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships imposed by the strict application of the fencing requirements provided for in subsection (a) hereof, variances or exceptions to such requirements may be granted by a review committee consisting of the Mayor, the Director of Law, the Public Safety Director, the Public Service Director and the Chief Building Official. Variances or exceptions shall be granted to the extent that the intent and spirit of this section shall be observed and substantial justice done.