A.   License Required: It is unlawful for any person to commence, carry on, engage in or continue (including the making of deliveries of goods, wares and merchandise sold elsewhere) in the City, any business, trade, occupation or employment upon which a License Tax is imposed by the terms and provisions of licensing ordinances or regulations for which a License Tax is required to be procured by the terms of licensing ordinances or regulations without first paying such License Tax and procuring such license as hereinafter provided.
   B.   Nonapplicability: The License Tax imposed by this title shall not be deemed or construed as applying to any person engaged in any of the professions or occupations herein enumerated solely as an employee of any other person conducting, managing or carrying on any such business unless specifically so provided herein.
   C.   Responsibility For Obtaining License: It shall be the responsibility of a person engaging in business within the City to voluntarily apply for and maintain in full force and effect a valid license. The agents or other representatives of nonresidents who are doing business in this City shall be personally responsible for the compliance of their principals and of the businesses they represent with the terms of this title.
   D.   Wrongful Acquisition Of License: Any license required hereunder that is obtained by deceit, fraud or misrepresentation or other crime is null and void.
   E.   License Terms:
      1.   Annual licenses shall be issued in accordance with this title within the area covered by licensing ordinances. Licenses, other than annual licenses, may also be issued as permitted by the provisions of this Code.
      2.   All license terms when payable annually, as used in this title, do not necessarily mean a year commencing January 1, but shall mean a period of twelve (12) months. No license fee for less than a full year shall be accepted by the business license official upon any application for an annual license.
      3.   In a case where the annual license fee is at least two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00), the business license official may, in his or her discretion and for good cause shown, permit semiannual payments of the annual license fee. (Ord. 477, 12-10-2013, eff. 12-31-2013)
   F.   Authorization And Classification Of License: A license shall authorize a party to transact the business described in such license at a particular location.
      1.   Separate licenses shall be obtained for each branch, establishment, or separate place of business.
      2.   Separate licenses shall be obtained for each type of business operated, even if under the same owner and in the same location.
         a.   This provision shall not apply if the licensee operates multiple business types that are all required by this title to pay a gross revenue license fee and are: 1) in the same location and 2) under the same business name. In such cases, the licensee shall be required to apply for and obtain one gross revenue license. (Ord. 541, 8-28-2018, eff. 9-18-2018)
   G.   Display Of License: Every person having a license under the provisions of this title and carrying on a business at a fixed place of business shall prominently display the permanent license in said place of business for which it is issued and it shall be retained by the licensee as long as the business is in operation at the licensed address under the same name.
   H.   Amendment Of Business License Fees By Resolution: The City Council, for good cause, may establish, modify or eliminate any annual business license fee by resolution. (Ord. 477, 12-10-2013, eff. 12-31-2013)