A.   Fee Established: When the Mesquite municipal court grants the application of a defendant to serve his sentence on an intermittent basis, the prisoner serving such sentence must pay twenty five dollars ($25.00) per day for each day served. A prisoner serving such a sentence shall pay toward the fee according to his or her ability to pay.
   B.   Collection And Disposition Of Fee: The fees collected pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be collected by the Mesquite police department, deposited with the city treasurer, and distributed for the purposes of offsetting costs related to the housing and care of prisoners in the Mesquite detention center.
   C.   Failure To Pay Fee; Judgment: The city council may apply to the court for a judgment and execution thereon in the event a prisoner fails to pay the administrative fee. The failure of a prisoner to pay the fee may not be enforced as contempt of court.
   D.   Change In Defendant's Financial Position: A defendant may petition the court to modify or vacate any fee imposed pursuant to the provisions of this section on the grounds that the defendant's ability to pay has changed. The court shall so inform the defendant when the judgment is rendered. (Ord. 481, 5-27-2014, eff. 6-16-2014)