A.   Mesquite Code; Cross References: The use of buildings and land within the City shall be subject to all other applicable provisions of this Code as well as these regulations, whether or not such other provisions of this Code are specifically cross referenced in these regulations. Cross references to other provisions of this Code in these regulations are for the convenience of the reader; lack of a cross reference should not be construed as an indication that other provisions of this Code do not apply.
   B.   Minimum Requirements: In interpreting and applying the provisions of these regulations, they shall be construed to be the minimum requirements necessary for the promotion of public health, safety or the general welfare. Minimum values are not intended to be target values. In some instances, topography or other conditions may create the need to exceed stated minimum standards. Whenever these regulations require a lower height of a building or lesser number of stories, or require a greater percentage of the lot to be left unoccupied, or impose more restrictive standards than are required pursuant to any other statute or local regulation, these regulations shall govern. (Ord. 172, 9-24-1996, eff. 10-31-1996)