9-1-3: PURPOSE:
These regulations are adopted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals or general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of mesquite, dividing the city into districts, setting forth the regulations pertaining to such districts in accordance with the master plan for Mesquite, and are designed to:
   A.   Preserve the quality of air and water resources;
   B.   Promote the conservation of open space and the protection of other natural and scenic resources from unreasonable impairment;
   C.   Provide for recreational needs;
   D.   Protect life and property in areas subject to floods, landslides and other natural disasters, and secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers;
   E.   Conform to the adopted Mesquite comprehensive master plan;
   F.   Develop a timely, orderly and efficient arrangement of transportation and public facilities and services;
   G.   Ensure that the development on land is commensurate with the character and the physical limitations of the land;
   H.   Take into account the immediate and long range financial impact of the application of particular land to particular kinds of development, and the relative suitability of such land for such development; and
   I.   Promote health, safety, comfort, convenience morals and the general welfare of the city of Mesquite.
These regulations are with reasonable consideration, among other things, for the character of the districts and their peculiar suitability for particular uses, with a view to conserving the value of buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout Mesquite. (Ord. 172, 9-24-1996, eff. 10-31-1996)