A.   The chief of police shall provide a suitable form for notifying violators of this title to appear and answer to charges of violating this title.
   B.   Any police officer may take a person arrested for a violation of any provision of this title before a magistrate for the fixing of bail or may, in lieu thereof upon making an arrest for a violation of this title, take the name, address and driver's license number of the alleged violator and the registration number of the vehicle involved and issue to him in writing on a form provided by the chief of police a notice to answer to the charge or charges against him at a place and time to be specified in such notice. In such event, the police officer, upon receiving the written representation of the alleged violator to answer as specified in such notice, shall release such person from custody; or, at the pleasure of the arresting officer, should the violator wish to post bail in the amount specified by the police judge, he may do so by appearing before the desk sergeant at the police department.
   C.   If the offender is not present at the time such police officer views such violation, such notice to the offender may be given by attaching to the vehicle used in connection with the offense, in a conspicuous place thereof or therein, a ticket or tag in such form as may be prescribed by the chief of police.
   D.   It is unlawful for any person other than the person to whom it is addressed to remove such ticket or tag from such vehicle or for any person to destroy the same prior to the appearance of the person designated therein before the police judge in obedience to the requirement of such ticket or tag. (Ord. 12, 8-16-1984)