10-3-1: Dogs And Cats; License Required
10-3-2: Dogs, Cats And Ferrets; Rabies Vaccination Required
10-3-3: Dogs, Cats And Ferrets; Limits
10-3-4: Dog Fancier Permit
10-3-5: Cat Fancier Permit
10-3-6: Restraining Animals
10-3-7: Running At Large
10-3-8: Impoundment
10-3-9: Release Of Impounded Animals
10-3-10: Responsibility Of Reporting Persons Bitten By Animals
10-3-11: Suspicion Of Rabies By Animal Control Officer Or Health Officer
10-3-12: Responsibility Of Owner To Quarantine Animal Suspected Of Rabies
10-3-13: Disposal Of Rabid Animals
10-3-14: Records And Reports Of Rabies
10-3-15: Reporting Of Found Animals
10-3-16: Animal Waste, Odor And Noise
10-3-17: Fee Schedule
10-3-18: Pigeon Control
10-3-19: Licensed Pet Shops