A.   Forms And Records Of Citations: The police chief or his/her designee shall provide books of citation forms for violation of the provisions of this title for notifying alleged violators to appear and answer to the violation charged in the municipal court of the city. The books shall include serially numbered sets of citations in triplicate in the form prescribed and approved by the city attorney. The police chief or his/her designee shall be responsible for the issuance of the books of citation forms to the animal control officers or any other person authorized to enforce the provisions of this title, and shall maintain a record of every book so issued and shall require a receipt for each book.
   B.   Hearing: Whenever a person is arrested for a violation of this title, the arrested person shall immediately, or as soon as court time permits, be given a hearing, in any of the following cases:
      1.   When the person arrested demands an immediate hearing; or
      2.   When the person arrested refuses to give his written promise to appear as hereinafter provided.
   C.   Notice To Appear:
      1.   Whenever a person is cited for a violation of this title and such person is not immediately taken before a court, the officer shall prepare in triplicate written notice to appear in court, containing the name and address of such person, the offense charged and the time and place when and where such person shall appear in court.
      2.   The time specified in said notice must be at least five (5) days after such citation is issued unless the person cited shall demand an earlier hearing.
      3.   In order to secure a release as provided in this title, said person must give his written promise to appear in court by signing at least one copy of the written notice to be prepared by the officer. The officer shall deliver a copy of the notice to the person promising to appear. Thereupon, the officer shall forthwith release the person.
   D.   Failure To Obey Citation:
      1.   It shall be unlawful for any person to violate his written promise to appear in court given to an officer upon the issuance of a citation regardless of the disposition of the charge for which such citation was originally issued.
      2.   In the event any person fails to comply with the citation given to such person and fails to appear at the time and place indicated, the police chief or any of his or her officers shall secure a warrant for his or her arrest. (Ord. 433, 1-26-2010, eff. 3-1-2010)