(a)    Addendum to Section R-309.1 of the Dwelling Code. The door between the attached garage and residence shall have self-closing hardware or hinges. A minimum riser of 4 inches is required to separate the dwelling from the garage.
   (b)   Addendum to Section R-506.1 of the Dwelling Code. Exterior concrete slabs and patios shall conform to the same minimum requirements as for concrete slab on grade floors and the minimum standards set forth by Section 1173.01 of the Zoning Code. All concrete shall be protected in cold or hot weather and placed in accordance with the applicable standards of the American Concrete Institute listed in the referenced standards. The permit holders shall be responsible to pay the costs of all tests as ordered by the City to determine compliance with this subsection.
   (c)   Addendum to Section R-404.1.3.1 of the Dwelling Code. Nonreinforced foundation or basement walls which have been backfilled prior to the installation of sufficient bracing, shall be rebuilt or repaired and reinforced. The contractor shall remove the walls 16 inches beyond any visible cracks and within 16 inches of the footing, and rebuild the wall with new clean masonry. Where damage to the wall is not apparent, there are no visible cracks and the wall is not out of plumb more than 1/4 inch, the masonry wall may be salvaged when the wall has been properly braced, and reinforced with 1/2 inch diameter steel reinforcing rods at 16 inch centers with all the cells grouted solid, or in accordance with a design stamped by an architect or professional engineer.
   (d)   Addendum to Section R-405.1 of the Dwelling Code. Underground air ducts shall be considered usable space and provided with foundation drainage where installed below grade.
   (e)   Addendum to Section R-311.5.3 of the Dwelling Code. The minimum riser height shall be four (4) inches. Exception 3: Existing stairs are exempt from the requirements of stair geometry where there is insufficient space to repair or replace in strict conformance to the Code.
   (f)   Addendum to Section M-1307 of the Dwelling Code. Where the Code Official approves a specific installation of a listed, labeled, tested and approved unvented decorative appliance, a carbon monoxide detector shall be installed. The detector shall be installed in the same location as the appliance and at approximately eye level. Where fuel burning appliances are installed in enclosed spaces and the ability to obtain the proper amount of ventilation and/or combustion air is inhibited by existing construction, a carbon monoxide detector shall be installed. The detector shall be installed in the same location as the appliance, outside of the enclosed space, and at approximately eye level.
   (g)   Addendum to Section R-307.2 of the Dwelling Code. Walls in alcoves for showers and baths and within four inches of a shower or tub prefabricated unit or ceramic tile and up to the ceiling shall have a water resistant gypsum board finish conforming to A.S.T.M. C-630 attached thereto.
   (h)   Addendum to Section M-1602.1 of the Dwelling Code. Return air ducts or plenums shall be provided from all rooms 100 square feet and greater which have doors that would close the room off from air circulation. Unfinished basements, storage closets and rooms or spaces which are specifically prohibited from having return air are exempted.
   (i)   Section M1603.1 of the Dwelling Code. Supply air ducts shall be provided for each habitable room or space required to have conditioned air in order to provide the indoor air design temperature specified in Section R-301.2(1) of the Code. Means of balancing the conditioned air to various rooms and spaces shall be provided such as adjustable registers or volume dampers.
   (j)   Addendum to Section R-303.3 of the Dwelling Code. Bathroom exhaust vents shall be installed with a backdraft damper and shall terminate in a through-the-wall termination assembly or shall terminate in a roof vent system located more than half way above the midpoint between the roof soffit and the ridge.
   (k)   Addendum to Section R-306.1 of the Dwelling Code. Floors within one foot of every water closet, bathtub, or shower shall be finished with an approved non-absorbent material conforming to A.S.T.M. F 1303-90 sheet vinyl or A.S.T.M. F1066-87 Composition 1, non- asbestos, floor tile, or other approved means of treatment to make the floor non-absorbent.
   (l)   Addendum to Section R-406.2 of the Dwelling Code, titled “Concrete and Masonry Foundation Waterproofing”, to amend the first sentence to read, “In areas where a high water table exists, in Group III or Group IV soils as classified by the Unified Soils Classification System, or where other severe soil-water conditions are known to exist, exterior foundation walls that retain earth and enclose habitable or useable spaces located below grade shall be waterproofed with a membrane extending from the top of the footing to the finished grade.
   (m)   Addendum to Section R-403.1.4 of the Dwelling Code, titled “Minimum Depth” add the following:
   To exception 1 add:
   “The frost depth is 42 inches below grade. Footing depths for detached accessory storage structures up to 400 square feet in area, with mono-poured slab and footing foundations may vary from the depth requirement as determined by the Chief Building Official.”
   (n)   Addendum to Section R-403.1.4 of the Dwelling Code, titled “Minimum Depth” add the following:
   To exception 2, at the beginning of the sentence add:
   “Where not adjacent to the dwelling”
   (o)   Addendum to Section R-301.1.2, Table R-301.2(1) of the Dwelling Code, as follows:
   Roof design snow load shall be 30 pounds per square foot. Design wind speed shall be 90 miles per hour, except for areas within 100 feet of the lake shore bluff, wind speed shall be 100 miles per hour. Remaining figures in the table shall be as determined by the maps referenced in the Code. Seismic design category C, Severe weathering, frost depth 42 inches, termite infestation moderate to heavy, decay slight to moderate, winter design temperature of 1 degree Farenheit, ice shield underlayment required, flood hazards per FIRM.
   (p)   Addendum to Section R-905.2.8.2 Valleys. Roof valleys shall not terminate against or within one foot of an exterior wall surface. Where valleys terminate within 2 feet of an exterior wall, additional side wall flashing or self-adhering polymer modified bituminous sheeting flashing, shall be provided one foot vertically and within 3 feet of the valley termination along the roof surface. Where saddles or crickets are added to divert valleys away from side walls, changes in valley angle shall not exceed 15 degrees measured in the horizontal plane, in plan view.
   (q)   Addendum to Section R-310.1. Existing basements proposed to be finished for habitable spaces shall have smoke detectors added to each room or space created which are interconnected with smoke detectors on the other levels of the residence.
Amended, Ord. 93-O-96, 9/7/93; Entire Section 151.05 amended per Ord. 97-O-01, 1/7/97; Amended, Ord. 03-O-04, 1/21/03 and new sections O, P & Q added per same ordinance.
(Ord. 06-0-75. Passed 7-5-06.)