§ 3.12.090 CHANGE ORDERS.
   Following the award of a contract or issuance of a purchase order for materials, supplies, equipment, services or construction contracts, the contract or purchase order may be amended by the issuance of a change order, provided the change which is the subject of amendment is reasonably related to the scope of the original contract. The Purchasing Officer will maintain control relative to the scoping, estimating and negotiating of the proposed change(s) and the Director of Finance will certify the availability of funds for the proposed change in the event that the change order increases the contract cost. On a regular basis, a report will be submitted to the City Council outlining all change orders that have been issued to contracts governed by this chapter during the reporting period. Any change order with a total cost in the amount of $25,000 or less may be approved by the Purchasing Officer; provided, the aggregate amount of all changes to a particular contract, including the change order under consideration, does not exceed 10% of the original contract cost. Any change order in an amount greater than $25,000 or any change order which, when considered with the aggregate amount of all other changes to a contract, exceeds 10% of the original contract cost, shall be approved by the City Council. Any time extension of the performance deadline up to a total of 60 days may be approved by the Purchasing Officer. Any time extension of a performance deadline that exceeds 60 days shall be approved by the City Council. If a proposed contract modification, change order or request for extra work exceeds the limitations imposed upon the Purchasing Officer by this section or by resolution, and any extended delay in obtaining City Council approval is reasonably determined to subject the city to liability for damages incurred by a contractor, or to jeopardize the public health, welfare or safety, or to otherwise result in potential detriment to the city, then the Purchasing Officer shall have authority to exceed the dollar amounts or percentage limitations specified herein. All contract modifications shall be subject to approval as to form by the City Attorney.
(Ord. 2008-02, passed 10-1-2008)