(A)   The authority and responsibility for the purchase of supplies and equipment, procurement of professional services and disposition of surplus supplies and equipment is vested in the City Manager and City Council. The City Manager is the Purchasing Officer and may designate another city employee to serve as the Purchasing Officer and delegate to that person the duties and responsibilities imposed by this chapter on the Purchasing Officer. The Purchasing Officer may promulgate rules and procedures necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this chapter. The head of each city department is responsible for administering and implementing for that department the purchasing policies and procedures set forth in this chapter.
   (B)   In addition to administering these policies and procedures, the Purchasing Officer and each department head shall:
      (1)   In awarding contracts or issuing purchase orders, first consider sources of supplies and equipment located within the city. The City Council has encouraged all residents and businesses located within the city to shop locally at businesses located in the city. In keeping with this policy, the Purchasing Officer shall make every attempt to purchase supplies and equipment from city businesses in accordance with this chapter. The Purchasing Officer shall maintain a list of city vendors offering the types of supplies and equipment used by the city and shall circulate this list to all city departments. The Purchasing Officer or City Council may give preference to local bidders when awarding any contract or issuing any purchase order for the purchase of goods when the bids meet any of the following criteria to the extent allowed by law:
         (a)   The difference between bids from local bidders and those outside the city is less than the current sales tax benefit the city would receive from the local sales tax;
         (b)   The local bidder will be able to provide goods which are equal in quality and meet all bid specifications of the city and of other competing bidders;
         (c)   A reasonable condition of the contract performance is expeditious delivery of goods and it is reasonably believed that the local bidder will be able to provide its goods more expeditiously than a business located outside the city; or
         (d)   Any other reason which would factually justify selection of a local bidder based upon criteria which do not illegally discriminate against outside businesses.
      (2)   Keep informed of current developments in market conditions and new products and maintain a bidder’s list, vendors catalogue files or other records needed for the efficient purchase of supplies and equipment;
      (3)   Cause supplies and equipment delivered to the city to be inspected to determine their conformance with specifications;
      (4)   Evaluate contract services performed to determine conformance with the specifications set forth in the contract;
      (5)   Consider and encourage the purchase and use of environmentally friendly, “green” and recyclable materials and products, whenever practicable; and
      (6)   The term DEPARTMENT HEAD, as used in this division, means the person who is designated by the City Manager as being responsible for each particular city department, including, but not limited to, City Manager, City Clerk, Finance, Community Development, Community Services, Law Enforcement Services, Fire Protection Services and Engineering/Public Works.
(Ord. 2008-02, passed 10-1-2008)