The Community Development Director or designee shall have the duty and authority to administer and enforce this chapter.
   (A)   As part of the land development process and prior to construction, the city shall:
      (1)   Provide the project applicant with the applicable municipal code provisions ordinance and procedures for permits, plan checks, or design reviews;
      (2)   Review the landscape documentation package submitted by the project applicant;
      (3)   Approve or reject the landscape documentation package; and
      (4)   Issue a permit or approve the plan check or design review for the project applicant.
   (B)   As part of the land development process and prior to construction, the project applicant shall:  Submit a landscape documentation package to the city/county for review and approval by the Planning Director. The planting plan, irrigation plan, and soils management plan shall be reviewed by an independent licensed landscape architect to ensure that all components of the plans adhere to the requirements of this chapter. The licensed landscape architect shall sign the plans verifying that the plans comply with this chapter. Any plans submitted without the signature of a licensed landscape architect shall not be accepted for review.
   (C)   Prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy or final inspection for a project subject to this chapter, a regular maintenance schedule and a certificate of completion shall be submitted to the Planning Director certifying that the landscaping has been completed in accordance with the approved planting, irrigation, soil management, and grading design plans for the project. The certificate of completion shall be signed by a licensed landscape architect and shall indicate:
      (1)   Date.
      (2)   Project information:
         (a)   Project name;
         (b)   Project applicant name, telephone, mailing address;
         (c)   Project address and location;
         (d)   Property owner name and mailing address.
      (3)   Prior to backfilling, evidence that the party responsible for irrigation installation conducted a preliminary field inspection of the irrigation system (evidence of field inspection shall be attached).
      (4)   The landscaping has been installed in conformance with the approved planting and irrigation plans.
      (5)   Irrigation audit report performed by a certified irrigation auditor after project installation (audit report shall be attached).
      (6)   The smart irrigation controller has been set according to the irrigation schedule.
      (7)   The irrigation system has been adjusted to maximize irrigation efficiency and eliminate overspray and runoff.
      (8)   A copy of the approved landscape documentation package, the irrigation schedule and the maintenance schedule have been given to the property owner and local water purveyor.
      (9)   Verification that the maintenance schedule has been provided to the Planning Director.
   (D)   At a minimum, all landscape irrigation audits shall comply with the Irrigation Association Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor Training Manual (2004 or most current) and shall be conducted by a certified landscape irrigation auditor.
   (E)   The Community Development Director or designee shall have the right to enter upon the project site at any time before, during and after installation of the landscaping, to conduct inspections for the purpose of enforcing this chapter.
(Ord. 2009-61, passed 11-3-2009)