§ 32.01 PURPOSE.
   Because of the existing possibility of the occurrence of disasters of unprecedented size and destruction resulting from fire, flood, tornado, blizzard, destructive winds or other natural causes, from sabotage or hostile action, or from hazardous material mishaps of catastrophic measure; and in order to insure that preparations of this city will be adequate to deal with disasters, and generally, to provide for the common defense and to protect the public peace, health and safety, and to preserve the lives and property of the people of this city, it is hereby found and declared to be necessary:
   (A)   To establish a city emergency management organization responsible for city planning and preparation for emergency government operations in time of disasters;
   (B)   To provide for the exercise of necessary powers during emergencies and disasters;
   (C)   To provide for the rendering of mutual aid between this city and other political subdivisions of this state and of other states with respect to the carrying out of emergency-preparedness functions; and
   (D)   To comply with the provisions of M.S. § 12.25, as it may be amended from time to time, which require that each political subdivision of the state shall establish a local organization for emergency management.