A.   Water Mains Generally: All proposed extensions of the municipal water system to serve undeveloped areas within the existing corporate limits, newly annexed areas or areas outside the corporate limits shall comply with existing policies, specifications, master plans, or requirements established by the city. The plans for all extensions to the municipal water system shall be prepared under the direction of and signed by a registered professional engineer as per the licensing requirements of Idaho Code, and three (3) copies of the said plans shall be filed with the city. In approving a plan for extension to the municipal water system, the city reserves the right to stipulate other requirements such as a special permit fee, rights of way limits, sequence of construction, time limits for having existing service disrupted, the filing of a performance bond and other similar measures as may be required to protect the public. No work shall commence on any such extension of the municipal water system until the extension project has been approved by the city and a written permit has been issued. A permit shall not be issued until all applicable fees have been paid.
   B.   Water And Sewer Mains Outside City Limits 1 : All extensions of water and sewer service outside the city limits shall be approved by the city council on a case by case basis. Said extensions of service shall be granted only when in the best interest of the city. The extension of services is a privilege and not a right and is intended for those areas likely to be annexed to the city in the near future. In determining whether to allow an extension of water and sewer service, the following criteria shall be considered:
      1.   The extension of either water or sewer service only shall not be permitted except by approval of the council.
      2.   The city may, at its option, require prepayment of water and/or sewer hookup fees.
      3.   Whether the extension of water or sewer services would create an adverse impact upon existing facilities or create economic burdens for future operation and maintenance.
      4.   Water line extensions shall be made at no cost to the city. Lines shall be adequately sized for future growth, and no credit will be allowed for additional costs associated with oversized lines required by the city either within the proposed development or in the extension of city lines.
      5.   Sewer line extensions shall be made at no cost to the city. Credits which may be applied towards the payment of sewer connection fees shall be allowed for gravity sewer extensions and oversized facilities where the oversize is requested by the city, however, they shall not exceed the total cost of hookup fees for the development (excess credits will not be allowed).
      6.   Whether the city water and sewer system has adequate capacity to serve existing development, the proposed development for which the extension is requested and all probable development within the city and between the city and the proposed development.
      7.   The proposed development must consent, in a form acceptable to the city and binding on the development, to annexation by the city at the city's option and convenience. (Ord. 89, 12-16-1980)



1. See also section 8-2-17 of this title.