A.   Hookup Fees: In addition to any inspection fees and/or charges for installation of a city water service line, the owner and/or developer shall be required to pay a hookup fee. The amount of the hookup fee shall be in accordance with the rate schedule adopted by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 217, 7-9-2007)
   B.   User Charges: The water user charge is established to cover operation and maintenance costs of the system, and to provide a fund to pay for capital improvement costs, additions, participation in oversized extensions to the system, or redemption of bonds that have been used to finance domestic water service and facilities for the city. For new connections, the water user charge is to begin when the meter has been installed. All owners who derive benefit from the city's municipal water system shall, in return for said benefit, pay user charges. The water rates shall be as established by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 209, 9-12-2005)
   C.   Inspection Fees: The city shall have the authority to assess the owner an inspection fee to cover the city's cost of providing inspection of facilities installed by the owner or his agent.
   D.   Special Fees For Service Outside City 1 : The hookup fee for a similar service connection outside the city limits shall be twice the hookup fee for a similar service inside the city limits. The city shall also have the authority to increase the inspection fees and other fees for service outside the city to a rate higher than charged for a similar service inside the city limits.
   E.   Meter Tests: Where the accuracy of record of a water meter is questioned, the consumer shall deposit with the city the sum of twenty five dollars ($25.00), whereupon the city shall have the meter in question removed and tested and a report thereon duly made. Both parties to the test must accept the findings so made. If the test discloses an error against the consumer of more than two percent (2%) of the meter's registry, the excess of the consumption on the three (3) previous months shall be credited to the consumer's account and the deposit herein mentioned returned. If no such error is found, the deposit shall be turned into the water fund to pay the cost of the test.
   F.   Deposits:
      1.   The city reserves the right to require a deposit for the following reasons:
         a.   The applicant has outstanding a prior service account with the city which accrued within the past four (4) years and at the time of application for service remains unpaid and not in dispute.
         b.   Within the past four (4) years the applicant's service from any utility has been terminated by the utility without request by the applicant for one of the following reasons: nonpayment of an account not in dispute; fraud or misrepresentation; failure to reimburse the company for damages due to negligent or intentional acts of the customer.
         c.   The customer fails to pay his account on or before the date such payment is delinquent.
      2.   The city shall then, if it so desires, collect a deposit equal to an estimated billing for two (2) peak billing periods of the delinquent customer at the then current rates. This may be collected in one or two (2) installments to be determined by the city. This deposit will then be held for a period of twelve (12) months when a review of the account will be made. If the account is determined to be in good standing, the deposit will then be refunded. (Ord. 89, 12-16-1980; amd. 2008 Code)



1. See also section 8-1-6 of this chapter.