A.   Office Created; Appointment; Compensation: The office of public works superintendent of the city is hereby created. An officer, to be known as public works superintendent, shall be appointed at the time and in the manner, and shall be subject to the same rules, as other appointive officers. The public works superintendent shall receive as compensation for his services such salary as the mayor and council shall fix.
   B.   Duties: The public works superintendent shall perform such services as the mayor, or an appropriate committee of the council, shall prescribe, and in the absence of special rules, he shall do or cause to be done all things necessary in and about the city waterworks; he shall have charge of and be responsible for, and shall keep a complete record of the pumping station, together with all machinery, tools and other property incident thereto and appurtenant to the waterworks. He shall have charge of and keep a complete record of all water mains and pipes belonging to the city waterworks, all water meters and the readings thereof from month to month, and shall file with the clerk-treasurer a copy of all meter readings on the last day of each month. He shall make monthly statements to the mayor and council of the proceedings of his office, with such recommendations as he may deem of benefit to the city waterworks. (Ord. 89, 12-16-1980)