For the purpose of ensuring orderly development and to provide adequate access for firefighting equipment and other services to all buildings, no residence or commercial building shall be erected or moved onto any lot, tract or parcel of land in any use district adopted under the provisions of this title unless said lot, tract or parcel of land has fifty feet (50') of frontage on a public right of way and has reasonably efficient access thereto for vehicular traffic and has been legally subdivided and surveyed; and provided further, that a building permit may be issued for construction of a residence on a private easement where, in the opinion of the planning and zoning commission, the following conditions have been reasonably met:
   A.   Minimum easement width of twenty feet (20') of usable road sufficient for two-way traffic.
   B.   Maximum easement length of two hundred feet (200').
   C.   Minimum turnaround radius of forty feet (40').
   D.   Maximum grade of ten percent (10%).
   E.   The easement must serve land which otherwise would have no access to a public road. (Ord. 86, 8-19-1980)