9-2-2: FENCES:
   A.   Materials Of Construction: Any fence must be built from construction materials normally used in the construction of fences. The use of pallets to construct a fence is specifically prohibited. The City reserves the right to deny a building permit for a fence if it is not made from materials normally and commonly used for the construction of a fence. (Ord. 147, 1-19-1994)
   B.   Height: No fence may exceed the requirements as provided in subsections 10-6-4C and 10-6-6B3 of this Code. (Ord. 147, 1-19-1994; amd. 2008 Code)
   C.   Electric Fences: Any person desiring to construct an electric fence within the City must, before constructing such fence, have the prior approval of the City Council, and such has the authority to deny any person the right to construct such fence, or may designate the type and manner of construction. Anyone constructing an electric fence within the City without first receiving a permit therefor from the City Council shall be liable for a fine, and the court levying such fine may order the immediate removal of such fence. (Ord. 35, 11-10-1977)