A.   The solid waste collection service described in this chapter is intended for the collection of normal commercial, industrial, residential and multi-family premises waste. It is in violation of this chapter for any person to deposit or relinquish for collection or disposal any waste that has the following general characteristics:
      1.   Extreme temperatures; or
      2.   Harmful vapors; or
      3.   The presence of corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic chemicals; or
      4.   Any materials with physical or other properties which render collection operations hazardous; or
      5.   Any materials which create a risk to the environment or public health and safety.
   B.   Additional prohibited wastes include:
      1.   Liquid waste, both bulk and contained;
      2.   Tires;
      3.   Any material regulated by the State or by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as hazardous waste;
      4.   Any equipment or machines containing refrigerants;
      5.   Infectious wastes generated from business sources such as hospitals, clinics, medical, surgical, dental, nursing homes, veterinarian offices, and laboratories, unless such wastes are sterilized, packaged, or otherwise processed so that they may be collected without hazard to collection personnel and the general public; and
      6.   Dead animal remains. (Ord. 213, 1-8-2007)