A.   Container Required: Solid waste collection service is provided to all premises in the City by a contractor in order to allow owners and occupants of real property in the City to comply with solid waste disposal requirements. It shall be the duty of any owner or occupant of any real property where solid waste is created or accumulated to, at all times, keep or cause to be kept approved sanitary containers and, except as otherwise provided, to deposit or cause to be deposited all solid wastes therein. (Ord. 213, 1-8-2007)
   B.   Standards For Residential Containers: All customers are required to have a minimum of one J&M Sanitation provided ninety five (95) gallon trash container that is included in the base price of their service. Customers will be required to fill their J&M provided container before placing any other containers or items out for service.
   C.   Location: All containers must be placed curbside on the roadway that is approved by J&M Sanitation for collection. Alley service will not be provided unless approved by J&M Sanitation staff. (Ord. 259, 10-8-2018)