A.   In order to maintain the public health, safety and aesthetics of the City, all persons owning or occupying real property where solid waste is created or accumulated are required to pay for, and shall be provided with, solid waste collection services to be provided by the City's contractor in accordance with the provisions with this chapter.
   B.   No person shall be permitted to refuse to accept the collection and disposal service provided for in this chapter. The temporary failure of any person to receive such service due to circumstances beyond the control of the City shall not exempt such person from payment of charges provided by this chapter.
   C.   Nothing herein shall be deemed as prohibiting any person from hauling solid waste or recyclable waste materials which were created or accumulated on real property owned or occupied by such person; provided, that such hauling shall not relieve such person from the obligation to pay the solid waste collection service fees as provided herein. (Ord. 213, 1-8-2007)