8-4-3: FINDINGS:
Pursuant to the provisions of Idaho Code section 50-344, the city is authorized to maintain and operate a solid waste collection system within the city. For purposes of solid waste collection, the council makes the following written findings in support of its conclusion that it is necessary for the public safety and for the protection of public health and welfare and property that the city adopts this chapter:
   A.   Such action is necessary for the city to improve and develop a reliable program for the collection, disposal, and management of solid waste within the city; and
   B.   Such action is necessary to provide for safe and sanitary accumulation, collection, transportation, storage and disposal of solid waste; and
   C.   Such action is necessary to prevent uncontrolled dumping of waste on public and private property; and
   D.   Such action is necessary to prevent the unlawful storage, deposit or disposal on private property of wastes that are hazardous to the health or safety of the public, create offensive odors, create a condition violative of any statute, administrative rule, ordinance, order or resolution, or any provision thereof, or create a fire hazard. (Ord. 213, 1-8-2007)