(A)   No person shall own, harbor, or keep a dog over the age of 5 months within the corporate limits of the City without first obtaining a license therefor from the City Treasurer. Licenses for dogs shall be issued in compliance with Wisconsin Statutes § 174.05 through §174.10. The license fee shall be stated in the City of Medford Fees and Licenses Schedule. Written proof of neutering or spaying shall also accompany the application in order to qualify for the reduced rate. The license year shall commence on January 1st and shall end on December 31st. Licenses shall not be transferable. Licenses fees shall not be prorated nor are they refundable. Application for such license shall be made before April 1st of the current license year or within 30 days of acquiring a licensable dog. A late fee as stated in the City of Medford Fees and Licenses Schedule shall be assessed and collected from every owner of a dog 5 months of age or over; if the owner failed to obtain a license prior to April 1st of each year; or within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a licensable dog or if the owner failed to obtain a license on or before the dog reached licensable age. A valid rabies certificate shall accompany the application stating the name of the veterinarian who administered the inoculation, the date it was given, and the length of time during which the inoculation will be effective which shall be at least as long as the license period.
   (B)   Upon payment of the required license fee, and upon presentation of evidence that the dog is currently immunized against rabies, the City Treasurer shall complete and issue to the owner a license and tag for the dog.
   (C)   Every dog required to be licensed by the provisions of this chapter shall be provided by its owner with a leather or chain collar, or with a harness, to which the license tag shall be securely fastened. No unlicensed dog required to be license under this chapter shall be permitted to remain within the City unless the owner shall cause such dog to be registered, licensed, and provided with a collar or harness, and a license tag.
(Ord. 1021, passed 6-6-17)  Penalty, see § 1.1.99