No person shall occupy as owner-occupant or let to another for occupancy and dwelling or dwelling unit, for the purpose of living therein, which does not comply with the following requirements:
   (A)   Every habitable room shall have at least 1 window or skylight facing directly to the outdoors. The  minimum total window area, measured  between stops, for every habitable room shall be 10% of the floor area of such room (see Federal Housing Administration Bulletin No. 300, Minimum Property Requirements for Skylight Area).
   (B)   Every habitable room shall have at least 1 window or skylight which can easily be opened, or such other device as will adequately ventilate the room.  The total of openable window area in every habitable room shall be equal to not less than 4% of the floor area, except where there is supplied a mechanical device affording adequate ventilation--Per Federal Housing Administration Regulations.
   (C)   Every bathroom and water closet compartment shall comply with the light and ventilation requirements for habitable rooms contained in divisions (A) and (B) of this section, except that no window or skylight shall be required in bathrooms and water closet compartments equipped with a mechanical ventilation system per Federal Housing Administration Regulations approved by the Health Officer or Superintendent of Inspections.
   (D)   Every dwelling shall have heating facilities which are properly installed, are maintained in safe and good working conditions, and are capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms, bathrooms, and water closet compartments in every dwelling unit located therein to a temperature of at least 70°F, at a distance of 30 inches above floor level, under ordinary minimum winter conditions.
   (E)   Every public hall and stairway in every multiple dwelling shall be adequately lighted in conformity with the current issue of the National Electrical Code and Federal Housing Administration Regulations.
   (F)   Every basement shall receive natural and artificial light and shall be ventilated according to Federal Housing Administration requirements or equal minimum.  Every basement or cellar window used or intended to be used for ventilation, and every other opening to a basement which might provide an entry for rodents, shall be supplied with a screen or such other device as will effectively prevent their entrance.
(Ord. 308, passed 8-21-68)  Penalty, see § 1.1.99