The Building Inspector is hereby authorized and directed to make inspections to determine the condition of dwellings, dwelling units and premises located within the City, in order that he may perform his duty of safeguarding the health and safety of the occupants of dwellings and of the general public. For the purpose of making such inspection, the Building Inspector hereby authorized to enter, examine, and survey, at proper times after due notice, all dwelling units, rooming units and premises. The owner or occupant of every dwelling, dwelling unit and rooming unit, or the person in charge thereof, shall give the Building Inspector access to such dwelling, dwelling unit or rooming unit and its premises, at proper times after due notice, for the purpose of such inspection, examination and survey. Every occupant of a dwelling unit or dwelling shall give the owner thereof or his agent or employee access to any part of such dwelling or dwelling unit, or its premises, at all reasonable times for the purpose of making such repairs or alterations as are necessary to effect compliance with the provisions of this subchapter.
(Ord. 308, passed 8-21-68)