Licenses issued pursuant hereto may be revoked or suspended for violations of any provision of this code or of any safety regulation of the Industrial Commission of the state or of any safety law of the state affecting the installation, repair or alteration of gas burning space heating equipment or for the making of any false statement in the application for such license or for any other cause which the City Building Inspector shall deem to be good and sufficient after notice, and an opportunity to be heard in such manner as the Common Council shall prescribe.  Any person who has not made application for a license within 30 days of the effective date of this code shall be required to take an examination which may be the examination required or provided by any municipality contiguous to the City.  An application fee as set by resolution of the City Council shall accompany each application for a license and the City Engineer-City Administrator, upon being satisfied as to the competency of the applicant and the payment of the license fee, shall issue a license authorizing him to conduct his business of the installation, repair or retail sale of gas burning space heating equipment.
(Ord. 302, passed 7-13-67)
   Application fee, see Fee Appendix