(A)   No person, firm or corporation shall install any gas burning appliances, gas equipment or gas piping in the City unless such appliances, equipment or piping comply with the minimum standards hereinafter provided for.
   (B)   The minimum standards for gas appliances, gas equipment and gas piping installed in the City shall be the standards of the following nationally recognized agencies and the subsequent revisions, thereof, to-wit:
      (1)   American Gas Association:
         (a)   A.G.A. Requirements and Recommended Practice for House Piping and Appliance Installation.
         (b)   Directory of Approved Gas Appliances and Listed Accessories.
      (2)   American Standards Association:
         (a)   Requirements for Installation of Domestic Gas Conversion Burners.
         (b)   Installation of Gas Piping and Gas Appliances in Buildings.
         (c)   Approval and Listing Requirements of Gas Appliances and Accessories.
      (3)   National Board of Fire Underwriters:
         (a)   Standards of Installation, Maintenance and Use of Piping and Fittings and Appliances for City Gas.
         (b)   Installation of Air Conditioning, Warm Air Heating, Air Cooling and Ventilating Systems.
(Ord. 302, passed 7-13-67)  Penalty, see § 1.1.99