§ 11.1.04  REGISTRATION.
   (A)   All applicants are required to submit their registration form and required documents to the Clerk or his/her designee at least three days prior to engaging in sales within the city.  Registration forms are available from the Clerk's Office and shall include the following information:
      (1)   Name, permanent address and telephone number, and temporary address, if any;
      (2)   Age, height, weight, color of hair and eyes;
      (3)   Name, permanent address and telephone number of the person, firm, association or corporation that the transient merchant represents or is employed by, or whose merchandise is being sold;
      (4)   Temporary address and telephone number from which business will be conducted, if any;
      (5)   Nature of business to be conducted and a brief description of the merchandise, and any services offered;
      (6)   Proposed methods of delivery of merchandise, if applicable;
      (7)   Make, model and license number of any vehicle to be used by applicant in the conduct of his/her business;
      (8)   Most recent cities, villages, towns, not to exceed three, where applicant conducted his/her business;
      (9)   Place where applicant can be contacted for at least seven days after leaving the City;
      (10)   Statement as to whether applicant has been convicted of any crime or ordinance violation related to applicant's transient merchant business within the last five years, and the nature of the offense and the place of conviction.
   (B)   Applicants shall present to the Clerk for examination:
      (1)   Proof of driver's license or some other proof of identity as may be reasonably required;
      (2)   A state certificate of examination and approval from the sealer of weights and measures where applicant's business requires use of weighing and measuring devices approved by state authorities;
      (3)   A state health officer's certificate where applicant's business involves the handling of food or clothing and is required to be certified under state law; such certificate to state the applicant is apparently free from any contagious or infectious diseases, dated not more than 90 days prior to the date the application license is made;
      (4)   Proof of current Wisconsin Seller's Permit (Sales Tax);
   (C)   (1)   At the time the registration is returned, a fee as set by Council resolution shall be paid to the Clerk to cover the cost of processing said registration.
      (2)   The applicant shall sign a statement appointing the Clerk his/her agent to accept  service of process in any civil action brought against the applicant arising out of any sale or service performed by the applicant in connection with the direct sales activities of the applicant, in the event the applicant cannot, after reasonable effort, be served personally.
      (3)   Upon payment of said fee and the signing of said statement, the Clerk shall register the applicant as a transient merchant and date the entry.  Said registration shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of entry, subject to subsequent refusal as provided in § 11.1.05(B).
(Ord. 630, passed 5-8-91; Am. Ord. 808, passed 10-3-00; Am. Ord. 948, passed 7-21-09)
   Registration fee, see Fee Appendix