§ 11.1.02  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
   CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION.   Any benevolent, philanthropic, patriotic, or eleemosynary person, partnership, association or corporation, or one purporting to be such.
   CLERK.   The City Clerk for the City of Medford.
   MERCHANDISE.   This includes personal property of any kind, and shall include merchandise, goods, or materials provided incidental to services offered or sold.  The SALE OF MERCHANDISE includes donations required by the seller for the retention of goods by a donor or prospective customer.
   PERMANENT MERCHANT.   Any person who, for at least one year prior to the consideration of the application of this chapter to said merchant:
      (1)   Has continuously operated an established place of business in the local trade area among the communities bordering the place of sale; or
      (2)   Has continuously resided in the local trade area among the communities bordering the place of sale and now does business from his/her residence.
   TRANSIENT MERCHANT.   Any individual who engages in the retail sale of merchandise at any place in this state temporarily and who does not intend to become and does not become a permanent merchant of such place.  For purposes of this section, SALE OF MERCHANDISE includes a sale in which the personal services rendered upon or in connection with the merchandise constitutes the greatest part of value for the price received, but does not include a farm auction sale conducted by or for a resident farmer of personal property used on the farm, or the sale of produce or other perishable products at retail or wholesale by a resident of this state.
(Ord. 630, passed 5-8-91; Am. Ord. 808, passed 10-3-00)