(A)   Upon determination by the Committee on Public Safety and the City Building Inspector of a violation of this chapter, the City Clerk shall notify the owner and, if different from the owner, the occupant of the premises of such violation.
   (B)   The notice shall specify the nature of the violation, the required correction, and a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days, to correct the violation.  The notice shall be served upon the person or persons named personally or by certified mail addressed, postage paid, to the last known address of such person or persons.
   (C)   The person so notified shall have the right to appeal the initial determination to the Common Council of the City within 30 days of receipt of the notice.
   (D)   If, upon expiration of the time given for correction of a violation, and time for any appeal therefore, such correction is not made, the Common Council shall file an action in the name of the City in the Circuit Court for Taylor County, Wisconsin, in accordance with the provisions of Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 823, as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 728/95, passed 12-20-95)