(A)   New mobile home parks shall have an approved fire protection water supply system. The system shall include water mains, hydrants and appurtenances capable of providing a minimum of 500 gpm with 20 psi residual pressure at any hydrant on said system.  Approved hydrants shall be installed so that every lot or structure in a mobile home park is within five hundred (500) feet of a hydrant. Materials and equipment used must meet the standards, rules and regulations of the most current edition of the Standard Specifications for Sewer and Water Construction in Wisconsin.
Note:  Wisconsin DNR requires 500-gpm minimum at hydrants on fire protection water systems.
   (B)   All mobile home parks will install (at their expense) a sampling station suitable to the City of Medford Water Utility's needs and standards.
(Ord. 753, passed 5-5-98)  Penalty, see § 9.4.99