(A)   An authority is hereby granted to the Director of Public Works to declare a snow emergency in the City.  Such an emergency shall continue in effect for a period of 24 hours or until such time as the snow has been removed from the City's streets or until the snow emergency has been rescinded by action of the Director of Public Works.
   (B)   Notice of the declaration of a snow emergency shall be given by notifying the local news media; however, said notification shall be a service aid only and not a duty on the part of said officials.
   (C)   During a declared snow emergency no motor vehicle shall be left parked on any street or public way in the City.
   (D)   During a declared snow emergency any City police officer who finds a motor vehicle in violation of this section shall attempt to contact the owner of said motor vehicle and require the owner to immediately move said motor vehicle so as not to be in violation of this section.  If said owner does not immediately remove said motor vehicle or the owner cannot be located, said officer is authorized to have said motor vehicle removed at the owner's expense.
(Ord. 706/96, passed 3-26-96)  Penalty, see § 1.1.99