(A)   City-owned parking lots include any and all off-street parking areas owned by the City, except those areas in the City parks.
   (B)   No person may park or cause to be parked any vehicle within a City-owned parking lot in excess of 24 hours.
   (C)   Parking in the lots described in division (A) of this section shall be prohibited between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.; except as follows:  vehicles parked in designated overnight parking spaces properly displaying a valid overnight parking permit.
   (D)   Permits will be required for long-term parking and/or overnight and shall be valid from January 1 to December 31.
      (1)   The Police Department may issue parking permits for long-term and overnight parking at a fee set by resolution of the Common Council.
      (2)   Said permit shall be displayed in the upper left corner of the rear window of the vehicle.
   (E)   Overnight parking spaces shall be established by the Committee on Public Works and approved by resolution of the Common Council.
   (F)   The owner of a vehicle in violation of divisions (B), (C) or (D) of this section shall be liable for the violation as provided for in this chapter.
(Ord. 711/95, passed 3-8-95)  Penalty, see § 1.1.99