§ 7.1.32  SAFETY CHECKS.
   (A)   Authority of officer.  Any law enforcement officer of the City is hereby empowered whenever he or she shall have reason to believe that any provision of this subchapter is being violated to order the operator of the vehicle to stop and to submit such vehicle to an inspection with respect to brakes, lights, turn signals, steering, horns, and warning devices, glass mirrors, exhaust systems, windshield wipers, tires and other items of equipment.
   (B)   Vehicle to be removed from highway.  Whenever, after inspection as provided by this subchapter, a law enforcement officer determines that a vehicle is unsafe for operation, he or she may order it removed from the highway and not operated; except for purposes of removal and repair until the vehicle has been repaired as directed in a repair order.  Repair orders may be in the form prescribed by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation under Wisconsin Statutes § 110.075, and shall require the vehicle owner or operator to cause the repairs to be made and return evidence of compliance with the repair order to the department of the issuing officer within the time specified in the order.
(Ord. 460, passed 5-17-83)  Penalty, see § 1.1.99